Our company has a group of excellent technicians and managers who master modern high-tech theory and technology, among which 50% are master, 10% are Ph. D. and 10% have the title of professor, with complete theoretical foundation and engineering practice experience in automatic control technology, simulation technology, computer communication technology, mechanical design technology, etc.

The main direction of R&D is the 6DOF parallel robots and research & simulation applications based on core robot algorithms. We have applied for more than 100 patents and more than 50 software copyrights related to parallel robots. After years of unremitting efforts and pursuit by our team, MOTUS has achieved fully independent development and iteration of the hardware and also the software with the core algorithm.


Contact: Penny Shi

Phone: +86 15019268255

Tel: +86 400-0117-155

Email: sales@d-motion.com.cn

Add: No.10 Fenghuang Garden Road, East Lake High-tech Development Zone,Wuhan, China.

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