Our headquarters, MOTUSTECHS (WUHAN) CO., LTD. was established in 2011, located in East Lake High-tech Development Zone ,Wuhan,China.

As an innovative technology company, MOTUSTECHS has a vigorous, high-quality, young and professional R&D team to provide a steady stream of vitality and motivation for the company's vigorous development. The company has a bachelor's degree or above accounting for 80%, including 10 master's degree candidates, 5 doctors, 2 professors, and 3 foreign employees. The company has leading software and hardware R&D, manufacturing and production capabilities and a complete sales and service system. Related products have obtained CE, RoHS and other international certifications, leading the domestic industry and reaching the international average level, and can meet the import substitution requirements of similar products for oversea customers.

The main research and development direction of MOTUSTECHS is 6-DOF parallel robots & multimedia,digital pavilion. We have applied for more than 60 patents related to parallel robots and more than 30 software copyrights. After years of unremitting efforts and pursuit of the team, the company has achieved complete independent research and development and iteration of software and hardware platforms, and also the core algorithm. The development of MOTUSTECHS is based on a solid and stable theoretical foundation and pragmatic service orientation. Its products have established a good reputation in scientific research, military industry, cultural tourism,entertainment and other industries, and are favored by users. The enterprise strictly complies with the requirements of the GJB9001C management system of the national military standard, and exhibits equipment demonstration, scientific research, production and service, and has the ability to undertake military equipment and supporting facilities. It has been named "Gazelle Enterprise" in East Lake New Technology Development Zone for five consecutive years. Many people from the company participated in the "3551 Talent Plan" of Wuhan City and won the honor. Based on basic theory, rooted in basic research and development,MOTUSTECHS is committed to cross-border iteration. The company eagerly hopes to get more opportunity to  cooperate with customers around world.

D-MOTION TECHNOLOGY (SHENZHEN) CO., LTD, a branch of MOTUSTECHS(WUHAN)CO., LTD, established  in 2017, to specially focus on the R&D and overseas sales。D-MOTION team got opportunity to cooperate with one of ship companies to break through all technical difficulties, to design and manufacture 6DOF fulll motion wave compensted gangway successfully, now it works in Fujian sea area, China.


Contact: Penny Shi

Phone: +86 15019268255

Tel: +86 400-0117-155

Email: sales@d-motion.com.cn

Add: No.10 Fenghuang Garden Road, East Lake High-tech Development Zone,Wuhan, China.

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